Friday, 1 June 2012

Off on a tangent

So much for my earlier post today about only quilting. I have been off on a tangent this afternoon.

My little dog spends quite a lot of time in front of the fire in winter, so needs an inside water bowl. After washing the floor and kicking the bowl AGAIN, I decided she needed a little canine "mug rug". With all of Peg's inspiration, it took no time at all.

When I was at The Home Patch this week, I bought a fat quarter of lovely soft flannel for a new heat pack, because Mr 10 is sick of me pinching his. I thought the red needed something more.

In the end the hearts and the birdy legs didn't make it, but it will keep me warm tonight.

Susan x


  1. Very cute and practical items. Hope the heat pack did it's job.

  2. Love that heat pack and it looks great as it is. The puppy mug rug is just perfect!

  3. The dogs mug rug is very cute and I like the heat sack-these are one of my favourite things! Just looked at your stitching gallery- beautiful, beautiful work!

  4. Love your heat pack and I was about to head to the sewinf room to make a rug for the dogs as it is all cut out, then I saw that u too have made one, great minds!

  5. Gotta love hand made items for the house and these are so perfect :)

  6. cute doggie mug rug!!! Love the heat pack idea, what do you fill it with wheat or rice???

  7. Cute little projects and so very handy..

  8. Great projects there Susan,well done.xx


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