Friday, 1 June 2012

Still quilting

The problem with hand quilting is that it takes sooooooo long. I could just post the same photo over and over until my Stars Quilt is finished. That's what  I've mostly been working on, with a little bit of stitchery too. I have finished two more TTS blocks - Christmas Wreath and Christmas Angels.

I have also been drooling over The Simple Life, and if the weather turns out as predicted for the weekend, there is a high probability that I will make a start on the turtle pincushion (I'll just have to hide from the family).
Susan x


  1. Your blocks are looking great. Question onthe hand quilting ..... how do you get the design onto the surface you are quilting? Are you tracing the design onto freezer paper and then stitching throught that or . . . ? thanks, Sharon

  2. Lovely stitching as always!!! Maybe a quilting tutorial is in order???

  3. Loving your stitching :)


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