Friday, 10 August 2012

After the Stars Quilt

After being so focused on finishing my Stars Quilt I plan to get back to some of my other projects on the weekend.

Yesterday and today though are all about music exams for two of my boys. I took Mr 13 to Dubbo for his trumpet exam yesterday. He was not disappointed about missing a day of school. We went to Spotlight to get some fabric for a cushion for his Yr 7 textiles class. I was a bit surprised - very black and white.

I couldn't leave this on the shelf, navy on white.

I haven't sewn clothes for years and years, but I have been wondering whether I should get back into it. Some of the dress patterns were 40% off, so for $12 I got two, a skirt and a dress. I figure at that price it's not the end of the world if they don't get made. I might end up looking like I'm wearing a quilt.

A saxophone exam for Mr 11 today, and then a blissfully empty Saturday in front of the fire I hope - shhhhhhh don't tell anyone.

Hope you're having a fun week (and keeping warm).
Susan x


  1. Funny... I was also thinking about sewing clothes... but if I do I will start off with little grandies!! isn't that chook and flower fabric fun... no wonder you had to bring it home...

  2. Wow love that chook fabric xxx

  3. very nice fabrics for son's cushion and your choice is lovely too.
    Hope you sneak some crafty time!

  4. Susan lovely buys there and good luck for both your boys.xx

  5. Great fabric choices!! A skirt with the chookies would be great for summer! Enjoy your blissfully empty Saturday!

  6. Great fabrics. The second one made me think of "Chookyblue". Is it from the new Prints Charming range? Have fun making some clothes.

  7. Oh Susan how exciting to make some clothes! I hope the music went well and lucky you having a day for stitching tomorrow!

    I just had a look through your quilt gallery and your Queen Ann quilt is just beautiful...and that hand quilting WOW, it is stunning...Well done!!!!

  8. Love the chooks! I thought of chookyblue when I saw that fabric... don't wear it near her, she may have scissors in her pocket!


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