Monday, 13 August 2012

Project bag

A while back I decided I could make The Simple Life project bag WITHOUT a fabric pack. Well I managed to find what I needed in my stash, and set about figuring out the instructions. I am not going to complain about it being fiddly, because I think I actually like fiddly projects. I seem to be drawn to them.
The pieces had been sewn together for a while, so on the weekend I only had to add the interfacing and buttons.......

I'm not sure how well the woven wool will wear. But I do love the fabric for the drawstring bag.

It's a cute little finish, that will be very useful for a small project.

Susan x


  1. Just do such lovely things!

  2. wow Susan i love it its gorgeous,well done.xx

  3. Susan that is way too cute....mmmmm, I think I might need one too....I saw this at the Sydney show and thought a project for another day!

  4. You are so clever. Congratulations on the finish

  5. Oh Susan, your bag is gorgeous. The fabrics are lovely and the design looks a little complicated but very attractive. Well done. What little project have you selected for use in this bag?

  6. It's just lovely... I love it all..... such a cute stitchery..

  7. Well Done ....You clever girl....I have the pack for this that I purhased on our road trip to Sydney....I will have to get cracking on it...x

  8. You are a cleaver it Susan...well done, I should make mine...I have been inspired ..

  9. congrats it looks the fabrics you've chosen!!

  10. It looks great Susan.....

    Are you going to make the full size quilt?

    I love it

  11. your project bag looks wonderful. Love the softness of the stitchery and the fabrics are lovely.
    Well done.

  12. Looks gorgeous Susan, beautiful work as always. Well done.

  13. It's a great finish and as you said such a useful little bag

  14. What a great way to use your stash - lovely fabrics. It will be a really handy little accessory.

  15. Love your work, it's really pretty.

  16. It's adorable, I get drawn to fiddly projects too. It must be the challenge of it.

  17. WOW Susan! It looks great!
    Have fun in Syd and HAPPY BIRTHDAY x

  18. It's a lovely bag. I love Annie's designs

  19. What a gorgeous bag, I love your fabrics. Looks like a really useful pattern.

  20. WOW! Just beautiful. Loving all your beautiful posts. Wish I had more time in my days/weekends to get back to my sewing machine too :)

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