Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tidying up

I have some patterns that I won't use again, and hope that someone else might enjoy them. There is a full set of Lynnette Anderson's In Full Bloom, and Anni Downs In My Garden.

And some more from Anni......My Heart, My home; The Festive season(sold); Seed Pots; Birdsong Jewellery box (sold);; and chicken Run.

I'm happy to negotiate in fat quarters. Let me know if you're interested.

Susan x


  1. Hi Susan, I'm interested in the Birdsong jewellery box pattern, happy to pay in cash or fabric.

  2. Lovely patterns Susan but I am in fear of taking on another project. Hope you find good homes for them all.

  3. Hi Susan. I am very interested in In my Garden by Anni Downs. I am happy to pay in cash or if you prefer in fabrics. I will off course pay postage.

  4. oooooh... you temptress.... I would love to negotiate with the Festive Season table runner....xx

  5. What a good Idea....may have to do the same....wish I needed some of them but um...I do have most of them.....great taste....

  6. What a great idea Susan...looks like most of these will find good homes!


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