Friday, 27 April 2012

A little retail therapy.......

It is such a happy coincidence that my parents live in Bathurst, because that's where the Home Patch is. I'm sure they wonder if I'm there to to visit them or Anni - but I think some questions are better left unanswered.

Anyway, I did have a lovely day visiting yesterday. My Dad is about to go into respite care for the first time, so it's a new stage of life for everyone. Mum is taking a holiday so I will be doing a lot of the visiting while she is away.

I did go to the Home Patch (like there was ever any question). I chose the lining for my SKOW bag.

I thought about using this spot, but I think I'll stick with the paisley.

I have been resisting this Japanese fabric for quite some time now.... and yesterday I just gave in. When I was at Nundle, I felt a little bit lacking in the bag department, so I think this fabric is destined to be a bag. I just love the birds. The wavy pattern is my camera not the fabric.
This weekend will be quite a milestone for me. I will be at home by myself overnight - no children - no hubby - just me and the dog - it hasn't happened in over 15 years!!!! We were all supposed to be going to Newcastle for a 40th, but Mr 15 starts his first ever part-time job at the local bakery tomorrow (I'm so proud) and then will be at a friends house overnight, so I'm staying home to play chaffeur.

I'm kinda really excited about it - DVD's hired, chocolate bought, projects ready, fire set, new vegetarian recipe for tea (no men means no meat - yay). But I will really miss them (won't I?) Of course I will.

Anyway, if I get too lonely I'll blog all night. Have a great weekend.

Susan x


  1. Can I borrow your parents ..... I need some sort of excuse to ge to Bathurst, the "just because" is not working or justifing the looong drive! :)

    Have a wonderful night home by yourself. It will be over before you know it xx

  2. I think the paisley was a good choice! The stitchery looks lovely...enjoy a well deserved "me time" tonight :)

  3. Enjoy your night! It was 18 years before my first night completely alone. It was the weirdest feeling. One day I am going to get to Harched and Patched and then look out! Can't wait to see your bag!

  4. You know I am oh so jealous that you are oh so close to H & P. I do love your paisley fabric and the little birds are gorgeous, would make a very cute bag. Enjoy a peaceful evening of stitching

  5. Love your fabric and project...have fun ..enjoy....but you will it when they all walk in the door...

  6. Love your bag fabric!!! Enjoy your peaceful night, I love times like that....

  7. When visiting Bathurst just make sure you have time for both. I think it is important to pop in to Home Patch as often as you can - you don't want to miss anything! i couldn't resist that fabric either.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Lovely choice in the Paisley so Pretty...You are sooo Lucky to get to Anni's often..
    The first time alone is a bit weird but I Love It!!!

  9. I'm glad you found time to visit Hatched and Patched for a little retail therapy. There is always so much to drool over while there. Have fun on your girl's night in with your dog. It sounds like you are all set to go. I hope your son's first day went well at the bakery.

  10. Such beautiful stitching, all the fabric loos good, but think paisley wins for your bag lining. Also am very partial to Japanese fabric. Oh I bet you are so enjoying your time tonight, especially in the cooking department. Enjoy and more stitching tomorrow.

  11. Home alone? My idea of HEAVEN. Looks like you managed OK!! Lovely projects.


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