Thursday, 12 April 2012

Loving NZ

Two minutes of internet time left! Having an awesome (and cold) time. NZ is just stunning - gorgeous scenery around every bend. No time for sewing or blogging - and I'm still ok.

Susan xx


  1. I was over there many years ago and that is how I would describe it as well...have fun and take care...

  2. Have fun! it is so gorgeous over there.

  3. So glad to hear you are safe & having a great time xx

  4. So dreadfully behind on my blog reading Susan! Great to hear you're here in NZ, it is cooler for sure. Are you heading down south at all - Catlins area or Southland? Email me if you'd like to catch up.... the irony is we are heading to Australia on 17th though ..... lol

  5. Glad you had time to let us know how your trip was going...
    Looking forward to hearing more and some pics..

  6. Glad u r liking it gorgeous place don't forget to patchwork shop u know those ones on your list, and don't forget the best feather duster yet make sure u pickup one of their great lambs wool ones


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