Sunday, 1 April 2012

Thread catchers

It started with one, and turned into three. I stumbled across a simple tutorial for making this easy little thread catcher at Needling Things.

It folds up flat so is good for sewing on the go. Now the question is whether I'll actually remember to use it.

When I was at Nundle Chookyblue had a sweet little zipper bag from Anni's bag book. I have this book and hadn't made anything from it, so  I was inspired to have a go. I have been wrestling with the zipper ALL afternoon, so if I don't give up, I will post a pic soon.

Hope you have a great (short) week.

Susan x


  1. love these thanks for the link Susan....

  2. I was interested too in one that Sue Daley had a pattern for - it looks like it is made from one of her hexagons. I'll have to check that out again. Some people in one of my craft groups made one from a four sided shape.I'll look forward to seeing your zipper bag. Like you I have the pattern book ( I bought it from Anni at GDITC) but I haven;'t made it yet. So many things to make.....Lynda.

  3. Love the threadcatcher! You should make the bag, I found the zipper easy and I have only put 1 zipper in a skirt before LOL. What a did struggle with was sewing the plastic base in, hence it is stuck in with velcro LOL

  4. A friend made me one of these and I love it. Another suggestion for zippers is using a 1/4 tape that has one sticky side, I think it's made by Collins, this keeps the zipper from moving. I look forward to seeing your bag.

  5. Dont give up on the zippy bag!!! There are some gret tutorials on the net!!
    I love the thread catcher, might make one too, thanks for the link!

  6. I want to make one . . . or 3 - tomorrow I'm going to have a go. Thanks

  7. I am so lucky to be the proud owner of one of these. Thank you Susan it is beautifully made too

  8. Wow~ This looks great, I think i might have to try one of these :)


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