Thursday 19 July 2012

Revisiting my youth

It is quite a wonderful time of life when you can start leaving your kids at home without a babysitter - and on a school night too!
Last night hubby and I went to see Wendy Matthews at a local brewery restaurant and she did not disappoint. It was a great concert, she sounded exactly as I remember, and we had a great table, almost right in front of the stage.

Susan x


  1. Oh Susan that would've been such a good show!!!! Lucky you...and it is good to be able to leave the children home for a while while you go out....

  2. It's such a treat when you feel you can go out and have no babysitter.... glad it was a great concert...

  3. Ooh! Lucky you! It would have been a fantastic night out.

  4. what a great night out.xx

  5. Sounds like the perfect night...and good to know you can leave the kids, it makes life a lot easier...

  6. Soo glad you enjoyed yourself...havent heard her songs for such a long time.... she has a gorgeous voice!


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